Power Of Studying

As you all know, stress and anxiety play an essential role in a student's daily life, which is why they struggle in their career path. To help students regain their spiritual values through meditation and God's words. In this eBook, you will learn important conditions and tips to meditate with the help of God's Words. Moreover, it also includes the whole method of meditation along with some tips regarding stress management. This eBook also includes the use of basic vocabulary, simple dialogues, writing style format, and type of stories according to the easy read requirement. There are also mentioned different types of meditation and how everyone can benefit from them. Ensure that you read it carefully and thoroughly and understand every aspect. Each chapter is of its unique importance, so all of it needs to be read.

Book Details

Book Title: Power Of Studying

Book Author: Fiston Kapongo

Book Category: -

ISBN: B08YS61Y96