About sMod Tasmania

sMod Tasmania was founded in 2008 and is a software development company focussed on creating effective business management tools for small to medium sized businesses. sMod Tasmania also delivers the end result to consumers in the development of websites, and e-marketing solutions.

The brand name sMod stands for 'simple Marketing on demand', and is a reflection of the ease at which businesses can market their products and services to consumers from the one place at any time. The Angryfrog! content management system and customer relationship management system utilised by sMod Tasmania has been created with the focus being on full functionality.

The Angryfrog! Content Management System has been carefully developed with the end user in mind. It is 'the Content Management System for the people', with no website or software development experience required before use. This remarkable step forward ensures that business owners retain full power over the management of their websites' content when marketing their business' online. That's right; no pesky phone calls, emails, or waiting times when you need to update content, the Angryfrog! Content Management System works for you on demand, whenever you need it to. 

Using this system, businesses can not only manage their websites, they can also manage their online stores, manage their customers and manage all their marketing in the one place. sMod is all about working with clients to create innovative and effective online marketing solutions.

We care as much about your businesses results as you do and want to work with your to maximise your business growth.

You know the potential of your business, and with sMod Tasmania's online marketing solutions, you can see that potential become a reality.

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We all know how important websites are in this day and age to operate successful businesses. With over 75% of Australian’s accessing the Internet monthly.

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You've shared the web address with every person that you know, and even some you don't know.

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