How long before I see SEO results?

The time that it takes for search engines to index websites varies for every site. One thing that is the same for all websites, however, is that it is not instant. Any claims made by black hat SEO companies to the contrary are completely false. If a company or individual claims that they can generate instant Search Engine Optimisation results for your website, it is a sure sign that you should avoid them altogether.

It is important to maintain realistic expectations regarding the time it takes for SEO work to be visibly effective. If immediate high rankings within search engines are a necessity, it may be worthwhile investing in pay-per-click marketing, such as Adwords by Google. These type of ad listings can be a very effective marketing tool, especially whilst waiting for your ‘organic’ search engine rankings to improve.

There are a number of key factors that determine how long it takes to see SEO results. These factors include: how long the website has been around for, how many pages the website consists of, how complex those pages are (how much content they contain), and how much SEO has been previously undertaken on the website. The amount of SEO undertaken by competing websites will also play a key determining factor.

With a new website that is relatively small and therefore does not contain a great deal of content, it may take up to two or three months to see the full results of any SEO work undertaken. However, with websites that have had a strong history, few competing search engine listings for their selected keywords, and great content, sMod Tasmania has been able to achieve visible SEO results for clients within the first weeks, post completion.

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