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At sMod Tasmania, we tailor our Search Engine Optimisation solutions for each individual business. There is no such thing a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to SEO. For every website being optimised, there needs to be a thorough understanding of the business to which it pertains, and of its existing stance with search engines.

The first action that we must undertake is keyword research. This is in order to find a set of keywords that searchers regularly use to find business websites like your own, and that have a relatively low level of competition in search engine rankings. This early step in the most critical stage in the SEO process as it is the key determining factor in how your website will be found and who will be finding it. From there, we must evaluate your website’s existing ranking for those keywords with major search engines, such as Google (if it is ranking at all). It is also important to gauge where your main competitors are ranking with the selected keywords, so we can accurately determine the level of SEO that needs to be undertaken on your site.

With the initial keyword analysis and research out of the way, we can then begin the actual optimisation of your website. This begins with fixing any issues that may be hindering its ranking within search engines. Such issues most commonly include broken links and image based navigation. A broken link is a link that is faulty and in most cases, leads only to an error page. Not only do broken links harm your website’s credibility, they also contravene Google’s content guidelines for SEO. Image based navigation is harmful to your search engine rankings because it limits the linkable keywords being displayed on each page of your website. We recommend, and we use, CSS styled, text based navigation as an SEO friendly, and more aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Once the issues with the website have been fixed, we can commence the keyword placement throughout the site, beginning with the page titles. We remove any generic pages titles that are not unique to your business and industry, such as ’Services’, etc., and replace them with quality, keyword-rich titles that are descriptive to the page, the business, and the business’s locale.

The next step, and the biggest, is content building. We drastically increase the prominence of the targeted keywords throughout your existing high quality content. With search engines, content is king; the more relevant content that your website has, the more keywords that they have to index. For this reason, we often find that it is important to work with the client to ensure that there is a strong balance between the amount of quality content being displayed on a page and the prominence of targeted keywords throughout. We recommend a minimum of 250 words per page, as a start. 

With the content building complete, we can begin placing the targeted keywords throughout the alt text and meta data. In the context of websites, meta data, such as a meta-description, is content that is ‘behind the scenes’ and generally not seen by people viewing the website. It is often placed at the top of a website’s code and is therefore one of the first pieces of content indexed by search engines. The small paragraph of text that you see underneath the links displayed in search engine listings is a meta description, so not only is metadata important for attracting search engines, it also plays a crucial part in directly attracting visitors to your website. Alt text, as defined by wikipedia is:

“…text associated with an image that serves the same purpose and conveys the same essential information as the image.”

In terms of SEO, alt text is very similar to meta data, but for images. Alt text contains written, descriptive content about an image that is generally not seen by the viewer, but is detected by search engines and can have targeted keywords placed throughout.

Once the targeted keyword placement within the meta data and alt text is finalised, the core of the Search Engine Optimisation is complete. We can then move on to the ever-important final details.

One of these final details is link building. To clarify, sMod Tasmania does not support black hat SEO methods, and will never use link farms. We generate quality inbound links from credible sources that will not only directly generate visitors to your website, but will also increase your website’s credibility with search engines, and in turn, its ranking.

With all other SEO techniques now finalised, we generate a Sitemap for your website and submit it to relevant search engines. A Sitemap ensures that search engines are aware of all of the pages on your website, including URLs that otherwise may not be discoverable by regular crawling and indexing processes.

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